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A Yasher Koach for being mezake the world with these daily shiurim.

I'm a long lost Manchester boy living in USA for over 20 years I still have family living in Manchester, so when I come back from time to time I make it my priority to be at the TorahWay Shiurim .

I sit in a studio in Manhattan 9 hours a day taking pictures of products, I don't get to see people all day. So for the first 7 years I was in my studio, I was listening to music (and some shiurim) throughout the day, until one day my friend tells me that the company we work for found your website. There is no words to explain how it has changed my life. My wife, my kids and my ROV wants to know how I became such a Talmid Chochom. Especially Rabbi Yossi Chazan Shlita and Rabbi Shimon Kaplin Shlita. Their shiurim I write down and have been repeated over at simchas, chaburas and many other events (of course always been said Beshem Omroy).


P.S. Keep up the good work!!

Yisroel ben Dovid Gershon, New York

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Nitzovim Vayeilech - 13 September 2014 to 19 September 201414th Sep '14 - Rabbi Yitzchok Uri Falk "Kedushas Shabbos" (9.0Mb)
15th Sep '14 - Rabbi Yehuda Steinberg "Kibud Av V'Em - Don't Wear That Tie!?! - Part 2" (11.0Mb)
16th Sep '14 - Rabbi Menachem Lieberman "" (9.0Mb)
17th Sep '14 - Rabbi Michoel Ber Weissmandel "Gratitude - Our Guarantee For A Good Year " (9.0Mb)
Ki Savo - 06 September 2014 to 12 September 20147th Sep '14 - Rabbi Yehoshua Aron Sofer "Listening To 2 Voices" (10.0Mb)
8th Sep '14 - Rabbi Motti Posen "Does My Car Need A Mezuza?" (9.0Mb)
9th Sep '14 - Rabbi Eli Pick "Ani Le'doidi Ve'doidi Li" (8.0Mb)
10th Sep '14 - Rabbi Aaron Kaye "" (8.0Mb)
11th Sep '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "" (13.0Mb)
12th Sep '14 - Rabbi Shloime Zalman Roberts "Insights Into Parshas Ki Sovoi" (8.0Mb)
Ki Sietzei - 31 August 2014 to 05 September 201431st Aug '14 - Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein "Chesed Gets Us Through Rosh Hashono" (9.0Mb)
1st Sep '14 - Rabbi Yehuda Steinberg "Kibud Av V'Em - Don't Wear That Tie!?!" (9.0Mb)
2nd Sep '14 - Rabbi Aryeh Thumim "" (8.0Mb)
3rd Sep '14 - Rabbi Eliezer Heilpern "The Miztvos In Devorim" (9.0Mb)
4th Sep '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "Being Judged On The Present" (10.0Mb)
5th Sep '14 - Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Lampin "We Are All Hashem's Children" (9.0Mb)
Shoftim - 23 August 2014 to 29 August 201424th Aug '14 - Rabbi Shaye Klyne "Melting Fruit Soup" (9.0Mb)
25th Aug '14 - Reb Ezer Schwalbe "Peace & War" (9.0Mb)
26th Aug '14 - Rabbi Refoel Katz "Getting In To Oilom Habo" (8.0Mb)
27th Aug '14 - Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg "Questions On Rosh Choidesh" (8.0Mb)
28th Aug '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "Listening To The Novi - (Prophet)" (10.0Mb)
29th Aug '14 - Rabbi Refoel Jacobs "Listening To Your Rov" (10.0Mb)
R'ei - 16 August 2014 to 22 August 201417th Aug '14 - Rabbi Yehuda Yonah Rubinstein "Changing Heavens Decree" (10.0Mb)
18th Aug '14 - Rabbi Eliyohu Pinchos Levy "Kedushas Beis Hamedrash" (9.0Mb)
19th Aug '14 - Rabbi Pinchos Schneebalg "Believing In Oneself" (7.0Mb)
20th Aug '14 - Rabbi Avrohom Bookman "Milking Camp Customers" (9.0Mb)
21st Aug '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "Mitzva Of Hanoko" (11.0Mb)
22nd Aug '14 - Rabbi Zvi Lieberman "Brocho & Kelolo" (9.0Mb)
Eikev - 09 August 2014 to 15 August 201410th Aug '14 - Rabbi Yaakov Shatz "Biased" (9.0Mb)
11th Aug '14 - Rabbi Dovid Stroh "Colouring Drinks On Shabbos" (8.0Mb)
12th Aug '14 - Rabbi Aryeh Royde "True Spirituality" (9.0Mb)
13th Aug '14 - Rabbi Moshe Feldman "The Power Of Mitzvos" (9.0Mb)
14th Aug '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "Koived Roish" (11.0Mb)
15th Aug '14 - Rabbi Shloime Angel "Gadlus Haboireh" (9.0Mb)