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Having a daily shiur can sometimes become un-exciting, however seeing the lovely, bright and catchy posters every Friday makes it appealing all over again.

Kudos to the brilliant artist!

T Gehler

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Please note, Recent shiurim are in WMA format resulting in large file sizes. We are currently in the process of converting them to MP3. Sorry for any inconvenience!!

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Pesach - 29 March 2015 to 03 April 201529th Mar '15 - Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (539.0Mb)
29th Mar '15 - Rabbi Yosef Shloime Cohen "The Hagodo" (8.0Mb) - Watch (483.0Mb)
30th Mar '15 - Rabbi Barry Katz "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (506.0Mb)
Tzav - 22 March 2015 to 28 March 201522nd Mar '15 - Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg "Hagodoh Shel Pesach - Part 2" (11.0Mb) - Watch (611.0Mb)
22nd Mar '15 - Rabbi Yosef Aron Royde "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (541.0Mb)
23rd Mar '15 - Rabbi Gershon Dunner "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (501.0Mb)
24th Mar '15 - Rabbi Jeremy Stanton "" (11.0Mb) - Watch (601.0Mb)
24th Mar '15 - Rabbi Yehoshua Aron Sofer "The Seder" (9.0Mb) - Watch (514.0Mb)
25th Mar '15 - Rabbi Moshe Baumel "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (474.0Mb)
25th Mar '15 - Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Lampin "Hagodoh Shel Pesach - Part 3" (10.0Mb) - Watch (581.0Mb)
26th Mar '15 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "" (11.0Mb) - Watch (622.0Mb)
27th Mar '15 - Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Lampin "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (527.0Mb)
Vayikra - 15 March 2015 to 21 March 201515th Mar '15 - Rabbi Boruch Krasner "Making A Brocho On Tzedokoh" (8.0Mb) - Watch (480.0Mb)
15th Mar '15 - Dayan Osher Yaakov Westheim "Pesach" (13.0Mb)
16th Mar '15 - Rabbi Zvi Lieberman "Being In Credit" (9.0Mb) - Watch (542.0Mb)
17th Mar '15 - Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein "We Are The Golus" (9.0Mb) - Watch (528.0Mb)
18th Mar '15 - Rabbi Shmuel Schwartz "Birth Of Jewish Nation" (9.0Mb) - Watch (530.0Mb)
18th Mar '15 - Rabbi Shimon Kaplin "Hagodoh Shel Pesach - Part 1" (9.0Mb) - Watch (534.0Mb)
19th Mar '15 - Rabbi Avrohom Bookman "Shul Cloakroom" (9.0Mb) - Watch (519.0Mb)
20th Mar '15 - Rabbi Yoel Rabin "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (535.0Mb)
Vayakhel Pikudei - 08 March 2015 to 14 March 20158th Mar '15 - Rabbi Moshe Feldman "The Amazing Strength Of Man" (11.0Mb) - Watch (601.0Mb)
9th Mar '15 - Rabbi Avraham Y. Ben Y. C. Heimann "Messing In Someone Else's Kitchen" (9.0Mb) - Watch (594.0Mb)
10th Mar '15 - Rabbi Motti Posen "What Brocho Do I Make On My Banister?" (9.0Mb) - Watch (528.0Mb)
11th Mar '15 - Rabbi Shloime Angel "How To Do A Mitzva Properly" (9.0Mb) - Watch (496.0Mb)
12th Mar '15 - Rabbi Refoel Katz "Shabbos & The Mishkon" (7.0Mb) - Watch (393.0Mb)
13th Mar '15 - Rabbi Avrohom Katz "Poroh Adumo - Correct Knowledge" (9.0Mb) - Watch (530.0Mb)
Ki Siso - 01 March 2015 to 07 March 20151st Mar '15 - Rabbi Zvi Silber "Mitzvas Hayom" (10.0Mb) - Watch (527.0Mb)
2nd Mar '15 - Rabbi Menachem Steinberg "Chosen People" (8.0Mb) - Watch (457.0Mb)
3rd Mar '15 - Rabbi Chanoch Greenblat "Drinking On Purim" (9.0Mb) - Watch (526.0Mb)
4th Mar '15 - Rabbi Shimon Kaplin "United Airlines" (9.0Mb) - Watch (492.0Mb)
5th Mar '15 - Rabbi Moshe Wolberg "Who You Really Are" (7.0Mb) - Watch (427.0Mb)
6th Mar '15 - Rabbi Avromi Heckscher "The Effect Of Your Speech" (9.0Mb) - Watch (537.0Mb)
Tetzaveh - 22 February 2015 to 28 February 201522nd Feb '15 - Rabbi Menachem Lieberman "Zochor & Poro Adumo" (10.0Mb) - Watch (553.0Mb)
23rd Feb '15 - Rabbi Eliezer Heilpern "Tikun Hamidos" (9.0Mb) - Watch (514.0Mb)
24th Feb '15 - Rabbi Yehoshua Jacobson (Manchester) "Drinking On Purim" (9.0Mb) - Watch (524.0Mb)
25th Feb '15 - Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg "Hilchos Megila" (9.0Mb) - Watch (536.0Mb)
26th Feb '15 - Rabbi Eliyohu Pinchos Levy "Mitzvo Of Zecher Amolek" (9.0Mb) - Watch (497.0Mb)
27th Feb '15 - Rabbi Yehuda Steinberg "Gems On Parshas Tetzave & Purim" (9.0Mb) - Watch (505.0Mb)