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A Yasher Koach for being mezake the world with these daily shiurim.

I'm a long lost Manchester boy living in USA for over 20 years I still have family living in Manchester, so when I come back from time to time I make it my priority to be at the TorahWay Shiurim .

I sit in a studio in Manhattan 9 hours a day taking pictures of products, I don't get to see people all day. So for the first 7 years I was in my studio, I was listening to music (and some shiurim) throughout the day, until one day my friend tells me that the company we work for found your website. There is no words to explain how it has changed my life. My wife, my kids and my ROV wants to know how I became such a Talmid Chochom. Especially Rabbi Yossi Chazan Shlita and Rabbi Shimon Kaplin Shlita. Their shiurim I write down and have been repeated over at simchas, chaburas and many other events (of course always been said Beshem Omroy).


P.S. Keep up the good work!!

Yisroel ben Dovid Gershon, New York

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Beshalach - 25 January 2015 to 31 January 201525th Jan '15 - Rabbi Yakov Rubin "" (6.0Mb) - Watch (345.0Mb)
26th Jan '15 - Rabbi Dovid Rose "" (0.0Mb) - Watch (519.0Mb)
Bo - 18 January 2015 to 24 January 201518th Jan '15 - Rabbi Boruch Krasner "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (487.0Mb)
19th Jan '15 - Rabbi Daniel Walker "Drinking Johnnie Walker With Your Neighbour Part 2" (9.0Mb) - Watch (530.0Mb)
20th Jan '15 - Reb Ezer Schwalbe "" (10.0Mb) - Watch (550.0Mb)
21st Jan '15 - Dayan Levi Raskin "Which Way Is Mizrach? - (Audio Visual Display)" (8.0Mb) - Watch (486.0Mb)
22nd Jan '15 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "" (10.0Mb) - Watch (590.0Mb)
23rd Jan '15 - Rabbi Mordechai Litwin "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (529.0Mb)
24th Jan '15 - Dayan Osher Yakov Westheim-Motzei Shabbos Series "Ma'aser Kesofim - Part 3 of 3" (63.0Mb)
Vo'eiro - 11 January 2015 to 17 January 201511th Jan '15 - Rabbi Yehuda Steinberg "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (533.0Mb)
12th Jan '15 - Rabbi Shimon Kraus "Mesiras Nefesh" (10.0Mb) - Watch (555.0Mb)
13th Jan '15 - Rabbi Binyomin Ehrentreu "Can You Make Kiddush In Front Of Uncovered Hair?P2" (4.0Mb) - Watch (12.0Mb)
13th Jan '15 - Rabbi Mitch Goodman "Intro To Derech Hashem - Part 1 of 6" (42.0Mb)
14th Jan '15 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "Asking A Non Jewish To Turn Off Lights" (9.0Mb) - Watch (505.0Mb)
15th Jan '15 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "" (11.0Mb) - Watch (642.0Mb)
16th Jan '15 - Rabbi Zvi Gefen "" (8.0Mb) - Watch (465.0Mb)
17th Jan '15 - Dayan Osher Yakov Westheim-Motzei Shabbos Series "Ma'aser Kesofim - Part 2" (13.0Mb)
Sh'mos - 04 January 2015 to 10 January 20154th Jan '15 - Rabbi Moshe Lobenstein "Don't Judge Others" (10.0Mb) - Watch (564.0Mb)
5th Jan '15 - Rabbi Yakov Cooper "Which Doctor Shall I Call On Shabbos?" (9.0Mb) - Watch (512.0Mb)
6th Jan '15 - Rabbi Yehoshua Jacobson (Manchester) "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (535.0Mb)
7th Jan '15 - Rabbi Avrohom Bookman "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (545.0Mb)
8th Jan '15 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "" (1.0Mb) - Watch (608.0Mb)
9th Jan '15 - Rabbi Zvi Lieberman "" - Watch (548.0Mb)
10th Jan '15 - Dayan Osher Yakov Westheim-Motzei Shabbos Series "Ma'aser Kesofim - Part 1" (13.0Mb)
Vayechi - 28 December 2014 to 03 January 201528th Dec '14 - Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein "Mitzrayim - Its All For The Best" (10.0Mb) - Watch (585.0Mb)
29th Dec '14 - Rabbi Shimshon Stanton "Tefilla & Ha'leil" (8.0Mb) - Watch (472.0Mb)
30th Dec '14 - Rabbi Binyomin Ehrentreu "Can You Make Kiddush In Front Of Uncovered Hair?" (10.0Mb) - Watch (574.0Mb)
31st Dec '14 - Rabbi Daniel Walker "Socialising With Goyim For Business Purposes" (9.0Mb) - Watch (521.0Mb)
1st Jan '15 - Rabbi Moshe Wolberg "The 10th Of Teves" (9.0Mb) - Watch (546.0Mb)
1st Jan '15 - Rabbi Gershon Miller "Sholom & Menuchas Habayis" (14.0Mb) - Watch (775.0Mb)
2nd Jan '15 - Rabbi Yisroel Friedman "Mundane Yet Holy" (10.0Mb) - Watch (554.0Mb)
3rd Jan '15 - Dayan Osher Yakov Westheim-Motzei Shabbos Series "Hilchos Sechito - Part 5" (13.0Mb)
Vayigash - 21 December 2014 to 27 December 201421st Dec '14 - Harav Yitzchok Aryeh Weis - Horodenke Rov "The Segulos Of Chanuka" (9.0Mb)
22nd Dec '14 - Rabbi Moshe Feldman "Chanuka's Light Dispels Much Darkness" (10.0Mb) - Watch (553.0Mb)
23rd Dec '14 - Rabbi Benjamin Simmonds "Goyshen" (9.0Mb) - Watch (520.0Mb)
24th Dec '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "What Is Zois Chanuka?" (11.0Mb) - Watch (616.0Mb)
25th Dec '14 - Rabbi Yechiel Emanuel "The DNA Of Yisroel" (9.0Mb) - Watch (527.0Mb)
26th Dec '14 - Rabbi Shimon Kaplin "The Dreidel" (8.0Mb) - Watch (487.0Mb)
27th Dec '14 - Dayan Osher Yakov Westheim-Motzei Shabbos Series "Hilchos Sechito - Part 4 & Memachek Part 1 " (13.0Mb)