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A Yasher Koach for being mezake the world with these daily shiurim.

I'm a long lost Manchester boy living in USA for over 20 years I still have family living in Manchester, so when I come back from time to time I make it my priority to be at the TorahWay Shiurim .

I sit in a studio in Manhattan 9 hours a day taking pictures of products, I don't get to see people all day. So for the first 7 years I was in my studio, I was listening to music (and some shiurim) throughout the day, until one day my friend tells me that the company we work for found your website. There is no words to explain how it has changed my life. My wife, my kids and my ROV wants to know how I became such a Talmid Chochom. Especially Rabbi Yossi Chazan Shlita and Rabbi Shimon Kaplin Shlita. Their shiurim I write down and have been repeated over at simchas, chaburas and many other events (of course always been said Beshem Omroy).


P.S. Keep up the good work!!

Yisroel ben Dovid Gershon, New York

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Please note, Recent shiurim are in WMA format resulting in large file sizes. We are currently in the process of converting them to MP3. Sorry for any inconvenience!!

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Devorim - 26 July 2014 to 01 August 201427th Jul '14 - Rabbi Shloime Angel "The Wake Up Call" (10.0Mb)
28th Jul '14 - Rabbi Aryeh Masher "Taking Revenge" (9.0Mb)
30th Jul '14 - Rabbi Moshe Baumel "Understanding Golus Yishmoel" (9.0Mb)
31st Jul '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "" (11.0Mb)
Massei - 20 July 2014 to 25 July 201420th Jul '14 - Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein "" (13.0Mb)
21st Jul '14 - Rabbi Moshe Lobenstein "Mezuza & The 3 Weeks" (12.0Mb)
22nd Jul '14 - Rabbi Yisroel Friedman "Feeling Tzar For Klal Yisroel" (14.0Mb)
23rd Jul '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "Using Din To Avert Din" (15.0Mb)
24th Jul '14 - Rabbi Yehuda Brodie "The Third Beis Hamikdosh" (13.0Mb)
25th Jul '14 - Rabbi Dovid Slade "The Splitting Of Menashe & Tisha B'Av" (10.0Mb)
Mattos - 13 July 2014 to 18 July 201413th Jul '14 - Rabbi Shloime Miller "Stop Blaming Others!" (14.0Mb)
14th Jul '14 - Rabbi Motti Posen "How Long Do I Wait After Hard Cheese?" (12.0Mb)
15th Jul '14 - Rabbi Shmuel Osher Schlamme "The Three Weeks" (13.0Mb)
16th Jul '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "The Deeper Meaning Of Shenayim Mikro " (15.0Mb)
17th Jul '14 - Rabbi Yehoshua Heshel Eichenstein-Ziditchover Rebbe "Eicho" (9.0Mb)
18th Jul '14 - Rabbi Shimon Kaplin "Religious Snobbery" (13.0Mb)
Pinchos - 06 July 2014 to 11 July 20146th Jul '14 - Rabbi Moshe Young "Our Avoida In The 3 Weeks" (14.0Mb)
7th Jul '14 - Rabbi Moshe Begal "Shemitta & Water Meters" (12.0Mb)
8th Jul '14 - Rabbi Dovid Kaplan "Existence In This World" (13.0Mb)
9th Jul '14 - Rabbi Yehoshua Jacobson (Manchester) "The Connection Between Gid Hanoshe & 3 Weeks" (13.0Mb)
10th Jul '14 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "The Three Weeks" (16.0Mb)
11th Jul '14 - Rabbi Reuven Dome "Gems On Parshas Pinchas" (13.0Mb)
Bolok - 29 June 2014 to 04 July 201429th Jun '14 - Rabbi Yehoshua Aron Sofer "Selective Seeing & Hearing" (15.0Mb)
30th Jun '14 - Rabbi Yosef Chitrik "Waiting For Moshiach" (14.0Mb)
1st Jul '14 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "How To Keep My Chicken Soup Hot On Shabbos" (5.0Mb)
2nd Jul '14 - Rabbi Yehuda Brodie "When Can We Send The Heavy's In?" (4.0Mb)
3rd Jul '14 - Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg "Hilchos Tefillin" (13.0Mb)
4th Jul '14 - Rabbi Avrohom Yeshaya Goldman "Rise To The Occasion" (12.0Mb)
Chukas - 21 June 2014 to 27 June 201422nd Jun '14 - Rabbi Avrohom Hechsher "Water" (13.0Mb)
23rd Jun '14 - Rabbi Hanoch Teller "Rabbi Hanoch Teller" (19.0Mb)
24th Jun '14 - Rabbi Mordechai Harris "Parameters Of Pidyon Shevuyim" (8.0Mb)
25th Jun '14 - Rabbi Aaron Dovid Gancz "Malochos On Holidays" (14.0Mb)
26th Jun '14 - Rabbi Dovid Tzvi Hausmann "Preparing for Shmitta - Audio Visual Presentation" (16.0Mb)
27th Jun '14 - Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Lampin "Kabolas Shabbos" (14.0Mb)