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Having a daily shiur can sometimes become un-exciting, however seeing the lovely, bright and catchy posters every Friday makes it appealing all over again.

Kudos to the brilliant artist!

T Gehler

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Terumo - 07 February 2016 to 13 February 20167th Feb '16 - Rabbi Boruch Krasner "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (142.0Mb)
7th Feb '16 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "Hilchos Dosh: Hot Tea After Shabbos Meal - May One Squeeze a Lemon Into It?" (4.0Mb) - Watch (78.0Mb)
8th Feb '16 - Rabbi Zvi Lieberman "100 Berochos A Day" (9.0Mb) - Watch (148.0Mb)
Mishpotim - 31 January 2016 to 05 February 201631st Jan '16 - Rabbi Matisyohu Halberstadt "Pay Early - Pay Late" (10.0Mb) - Watch (229.0Mb)
31st Jan '16 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "Hilchos Dosh - May One Eat Peas From The Pod?" (4.0Mb) - Watch (73.0Mb)
1st Feb '16 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "Hilchos Dosh - Squeezing Melons Nowadays" (4.0Mb) - Watch (88.0Mb)
1st Feb '16 - Rabbi Shimon Kraus "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (173.0Mb)
2nd Feb '16 - Rabbi Yisroel Friedman "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (162.0Mb)
2nd Feb '16 - Rabbi Daniel Walker "Borrowing Rail Cards" (5.0Mb) - Watch (80.0Mb)
2nd Feb '16 - Rabbi Mitchell Goodman "Derech Hashem, Part 39 (The Soul & its influence, part 1)" (75.0Mb)
3rd Feb '16 - Rabbi Daniel Walker "Hilchos Birkas HaGomel" (5.0Mb) - Watch (104.0Mb)
3rd Feb '16 - Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechofer "Hilchos Eiruvin explained" (8.0Mb) - Watch (157.0Mb)
4th Feb '16 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "" (11.0Mb) - Watch (202.0Mb)
Yisro - 24 January 2016 to 30 January 201624th Jan '16 - Rabbi Zvi Silber "Can One Get Shehecheyonu Fruits In England?" (9.0Mb) - Watch (125.0Mb)
24th Jan '16 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "Hilchos Mamar - My Fruit That Fell Off The Tree On Erev Shabbos, May I Put It Into A Bag On Shabbos?" (4.0Mb) - Watch (73.0Mb)
25th Jan '16 - Rabbi Motti Posen "Tu B'Shvat" (9.0Mb) - Watch (140.0Mb)
26th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yaakov Wreschner "Leaving A Website Open On Shabbos" (4.0Mb) - Watch (91.0Mb)
26th Jan '16 - Rabbi Mitchell Goodman "Derech Hashem, Part 38 (The Anatomy of the Human Soul)" (73.0Mb)
26th Jan '16 - Rabbi Shais Taub "Sechar Mitzva Mitzva - Reward In Oilom Hazeh" (65.0Mb)
27th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yakov Ball "" (10.0Mb) - Watch (195.0Mb)
27th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yaakov Wreschner "Online Auctions That Start Or Finish On Shabbos" (4.0Mb) - Watch (120.0Mb)
28th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "" (11.0Mb) - Watch (168.0Mb)
29th Jan '16 - Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern "Retaining Inspiration" (8.0Mb) - Watch (132.0Mb)
Beshalach - 17 January 2016 to 23 January 201617th Jan '16 - Rabbi Sruli Guttentag "Unexpected Halachic Challenges Of Real Estate In Eretz Yisroel" (9.0Mb) - Watch (175.0Mb)
17th Jan '16 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "Can I Use My Swing On Shabbos" (4.0Mb) - Watch (77.0Mb)
18th Jan '16 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "My Hat Got Caught On A Branch - What Can U Do?" (5.0Mb) - Watch (86.0Mb)
18th Jan '16 - Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg "Sheva Berochos - Part 2 - Ponim Chadoshos" (9.0Mb) - Watch (143.0Mb)
19th Jan '16 - Rabbi Jeremy Stanton "Haftorah Parshas Beshalach - Devora Hano'vioh" (9.0Mb) - Watch (172.0Mb)
19th Jan '16 - Dayan Osher Yaakov Westheim "How One Should Greet A Lady" (5.0Mb) - Watch (127.0Mb)
20th Jan '16 - Rabbi Avrohom Rakow "Shiras Hayom" (9.0Mb) - Watch (151.0Mb)
20th Jan '16 - Rabbi Motti Posen "Does One Need To Toivel Disposables?" (5.0Mb) - Watch (85.0Mb)
21st Jan '16 - Rabbi Eliezer Heilpern "The Mon" (9.0Mb) - Watch (133.0Mb)
22nd Jan '16 - Rabbi Moishe Akiva Brandeis "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (172.0Mb)
Bo - 10 January 2016 to 16 January 201610th Jan '16 - Reb Dr Zev Davis "Highlights Of Hilchos Tefilla - Part 2" (9.0Mb) - Watch (146.0Mb)
10th Jan '16 - Rabbi Motti Posen "May I Eat Honey From A Honeycomb On Shabbos?" (4.0Mb) - Watch (80.0Mb)
11th Jan '16 - Rabbi Shmuel Kaufman "Mincha Erev Shabbos" (9.0Mb) - Watch (165.0Mb)
11th Jan '16 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "Can I Put Cress On Egg & Onion On Shabbos?" (4.0Mb) - Watch (77.0Mb)
12th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yossi Moore "Refoeh On Shabbos" (8.0Mb) - Watch (172.0Mb)
12th Jan '16 - Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg "My Son Was Born In Adar 1, When Is His Bar Mitzva?" (5.0Mb) - Watch (76.0Mb)
12th Jan '16 - Rabbi Mitchell Goodman "Derech Hashem, Part 37 (The Details of Providence & End of Section II)" (77.0Mb)
13th Jan '16 - Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg "What Can A Bar Mitzva Boy Not Do?" (4.0Mb) - Watch (71.0Mb)
13th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yehoshua Jacobson (Manchester) "Are Dogs Always A Bad Thing?" (10.0Mb) - Watch (161.0Mb)
14th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "Makos Bechoros" (11.0Mb) - Watch (192.0Mb)
15th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yehuda Steinberg "The Importance Of Children" (9.0Mb) - Watch (145.0Mb)
Vo'eiro - 03 January 2016 to 09 January 20163rd Jan '16 - Dayan Yehuda Osher Steiner "Glenfiddich 26 Years" (10.0Mb) - Watch (185.0Mb)
3rd Jan '16 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "My Plant Fell Over ... What Can I Do?" (4.0Mb) - Watch (74.0Mb)
4th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yakov Englard "Golus & Geula" (10.0Mb) - Watch (191.0Mb)
4th Jan '16 - Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart "Can I Put My Flowers Into A Vase" (4.0Mb) - Watch (98.0Mb)
5th Jan '16 - Rabbi Binyomin Ehrentreu "Washing In Bathrooms" (9.0Mb) - Watch (187.0Mb)
5th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yehoshua Aron Sofer "Ma'aser Money & Tzedoko - Part 1" (5.0Mb) - Watch (82.0Mb)
5th Jan '16 - Rabbi Mitchell Goodman "Derech Hashem, Part 36 (The Influence of the Stars)" (67.0Mb)
6th Jan '16 - Rabbi Zvi Lieberman "Deeper Meaning Of Shoes" (9.0Mb) - Watch (155.0Mb)
6th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yehoshua Aron Sofer "Ma'aser Money & Tzedoko - Part 2" (5.0Mb) - Watch (101.0Mb)
7th Jan '16 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "The Connection oF Gan-Eden & Leil Seder" (11.0Mb) - Watch (201.0Mb)
8th Jan '16 - Rabbi Reuven Dome "Thanking Hashem Through Recognition" (9.0Mb) - Watch (160.0Mb)