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Having a daily shiur can sometimes become un-exciting, however seeing the lovely, bright and catchy posters every Friday makes it appealing all over again.

Kudos to the brilliant artist!

T Gehler

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Pinchos - 05 July 2015 to 11 July 2015
Bolok - 28 June 2015 to 04 July 201528th Jun '15 - Dayan Raphael Evers "Making Sushi On Shabbos - Hearing Devices On Shabbos" (10.0Mb) - Watch (138.0Mb)
29th Jun '15 - Rabbi Yirmiyahu Harari "Maris Ayin - Can I Eat A Veggi Burger With Cheese?" (9.0Mb) - Watch (97.0Mb)
30th Jun '15 - Rabbi Mitch Goodman "Derech Hashem - Part 17" (69.0Mb)
30th Jun '15 - Rabbi Eliezer Heilpern "n/a" (9.0Mb) - Watch (138.0Mb)
2nd Jul '15 - Rabbi Rafi Brodie "n/a" (9.0Mb) - Watch (121.0Mb)
Chukas - 21 June 2015 to 27 June 201521st Jun '15 - Rabbi Avigdor Brazil "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (309.0Mb)
22nd Jun '15 - Rabbi Moshe Young "" (9.0Mb) - Watch (274.0Mb)
23rd Jun '15 - Rabbi Mitch Goodman "Derech Hashem - Part 16" (63.0Mb)
23rd Jun '15 - Rabbi Yehoshua Jacobson (Manchester) "n/a" (9.0Mb) - Watch (282.0Mb)
24th Jun '15 - Rabbi Shaul Steinberg "Parshas Chukas - Poroh Aduma" (10.0Mb) - Watch (364.0Mb)
25th Jun '15 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "n/a" (10.0Mb) - Watch (205.0Mb)
26th Jun '15 - Rabbi Reuven Dome "n/a" (9.0Mb) - Watch (132.0Mb)
Korach - 14 June 2015 to 20 June 201514th Jun '15 - Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein "Ayin Toiv" (8.0Mb) - Watch (236.0Mb)
15th Jun '15 - Rabbi Binyomin Ehrentreu "What We Can Do Before Davening" (10.0Mb) - Watch (339.0Mb)
16th Jun '15 - Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg "Making Money On Shabbos" (9.0Mb) - Watch (157.0Mb)
16th Jun '15 - Rabbi Mitch Goodman "Derech Hashem - Part 15" (67.0Mb)
17th Jun '15 - Rabbi Moshe Lobenstein "What Will Be When Moshiach Comes?" (9.0Mb) - Watch (328.0Mb)
18th Jun '15 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "Connection Between Tammuz - Bris - Korach" (11.0Mb) - Watch (420.0Mb)
19th Jun '15 - Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Lampin "" (10.0Mb) - Watch (194.0Mb)
Sh'lach - 07 June 2015 to 13 June 20157th Jun '15 - Rabbi Zvi Silber "Techeles - Nowadays? - Part 1" (9.0Mb) - Watch (138.0Mb)
8th Jun '15 - Rabbi Shmuel Tepper "Threads Of Life" (8.0Mb) - Watch (149.0Mb)
9th Jun '15 - Rabbi Aryeh Schonberg "Muktza" (11.0Mb) - Watch (165.0Mb)
9th Jun '15 - Rabbi Mitch Goodman "Derech Hashem - Part 14" (64.0Mb)
10th Jun '15 - Rabbi Emmanuel Danan "Bosor BeCholov-Is Roasting Equivalent To Cooking? " (9.0Mb) - Watch (329.0Mb)
11th Jun '15 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "The Importance Of Tzitzis" (10.0Mb) - Watch (391.0Mb)
12th Jun '15 - Rabbi Zvi Silber "Techeles - Nowadays? - Part 2" (10.0Mb) - Watch (305.0Mb)
B'Ha'alos'cha - 31 May 2015 to 05 June 201531st May '15 - Reb Dr Shlomo Rutenberg "Asher Yotzar - The Brocho On Our Wonderful Bodies" (8.0Mb) - Watch (131.0Mb)
1st Jun '15 - Rabbi Gidon Rosen "The Mechanism Of Tefilla" (9.0Mb) - Watch (157.0Mb)
2nd Jun '15 - Rabbi Yehuda Steinberg "Giving Good Advice" (9.0Mb) - Watch (152.0Mb)
2nd Jun '15 - Rabbi Mitch Goodman "Derech Hashem - Part 13" (65.0Mb)
3rd Jun '15 - Rabbi Motti Posen "Can We Go To Sleep In The Summer In Manchester?" (9.0Mb) - Watch (159.0Mb)
4th Jun '15 - Rabbi Yossi Chazan "Parshas Miriam" (11.0Mb) - Watch (211.0Mb)
5th Jun '15 - Rabbi Zvi Lieberman "The Power To Succeed" (9.0Mb) - Watch (170.0Mb)