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Date 24 September 2020
Speaker Rabbi Mordechai Goodman (click to see more details and other shiurim)
Title Yonah - The Journey Of The Soul
Summary The 48 verses of the Yonah are able to be read as a code revealing how the soul journeys through the World, and if it has to be reincarnated what happens. The Alshich HaKodosh & the Gr"a explain how Yonah can also be understood to reveal hidden messages relating to the purpose and path that a soul takes during it repose on Earth and what it goes through in the Netherworld. This will explain why Chazal chose this to be read as the Haftorah on Mincha of Yom Kippur, the last scripture we read prior to the Neilah service.
Categories Emuno & Bitochon, Hashkofo, Yom Kippur
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